Allergy Specialist Melbourne

Priscilla is an Allergy Specialist in Melbourne. She sees adults and adolescents (13 years or older) with allergic disorders, including:

•   allergic rhinitis (hay fever),

•   food allergy,

•   urticaria (hives),

•   angioedema (swelling),

•   anaphylaxis,

•   drug allergy,

•   eczema.

Allergy Testing Melbourne

Priscilla provides allergy testing, including skin prick testing, if it is required.

What to bring to your appointment

•   A referral from your General Practitioner or another doctor

•   Your Medicare card

•   Details of your suspected allergic reactions would be very useful:

What symptoms did you develop and at what time? If you had a rash, a photograph can be helpful.

Did you eat any food beforehand? Include time of the meal and ingredients.

Did you take any medications or supplements beforehand? Bring in a list of your medications and supplements, and what time you take them. Don't forget those that you may take from time to time, e.g. painkillers and antibiotics.

Did you do any exercise or other activity beforehand? Include time of the activity.

•   Details of previous tests, e.g. sinus CT, if you have them

•   Please remember to stop your antihistamine tablets for 3 days before your appointment if you need allergy skin testing



EnRich Clinic

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Epworth Allergy Specialists

Suite 1.3, 34 Erin St

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